Brief: myself and my peers; Ryan, Chloe, Sophia & Hannah had been working on individual briefs to help rebrand the University of Salford’s School of Arts & Media & Creative Technologies were selected by the Dean of the school to come together as a group and use all of our previous ideas.

My peers, Hannah & Sophia focused on a strong identity, using bold colours that are already within the house colours as we believed this would help drive recruitment through handouts at open days and UCAS fairs as well as local advertisments and signs.

My focus was about current students feeling seen for their talents, I suggested an instagram account that shared weekly shoutouts for students’ work as well as sharing industry guest lecture visits and opportunities for jobs and work expereince posted to the account.

I also focused on the long name of ‘School of Arts & Media & Creative Technologies’ and how we could abbreviate it into being memorable and catchy. We proposed naming the school “SAMCT” pronounce (Sam-see-tee) phonetically. 

As a group we then presented to the schools’ board of 30+ staff who were impressed with our passion and wanted to use the branding! However this was just before covid struck and unfortunately the project came to a holt as we entered lockdown.